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Tunisian films, first steps
In March 2018 the Cinémathèque was set up, filling a big gap and satisfying the expectations of audiovisual and film-loving groups through regular participative activities, thus justifying its claim to have within only six months gained a fame that augurs well for its future. It sees itself as:

  • - An intergenerational bridge, transferring the works of the past for the appreciation of the public of tomorow
  • - A point of reference enabling young people to identify with plural models
  • - A pillar of memory, forging identity, mental constructs and a critical spirit
  • - A way of promoting our heritage to help our nation assume its sovereignty.

The Cinémathèque, believing itself to be a vector of development, is part of the consistent development of Tunisian cinema and an aid to the democratic transition that is under way.


 Youssef CHAHINE

Chahine on the avenue Habib BOURGUIBA

Ciné-Avenue is a Festival tradition that attracts a big public by helping it discover or revisit the masterpieces of the 7th art, in the open air right in the middle of the Avenue Habib Bourguiba.

This year, for the first time, the programme of Ciné-Avenue includes five films by Youssef Chahine from among those shown by the Cité de la Culture at the Chahine Forever event (31 October to 3 November).

This act of homage to the enfant terrible of Egyptian cinema by the Cinémathèque and the JCC was made possible by the recent digitization and restoring of his entire oeuvre by Misr International Films.

Alongside, at the Cité de la Culture, a major exhibition of photographs and posters illustrates the stages of the career of the unforgettable Chahine (1926-2008). It is the fruit of a collaboration between the National Cinema and Image Centre and the Tunisian National Library. The posters were lent by the collector Sameh Fathi, who wrote many works on Egyptian cinema.

Ciel d'enfer

Gare centrale

Le retour de l'enfant prodigue

Alexandrie pourquoi ?

Le destin