Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud - Tunisia


Brahim Nadhour is a Tunisian living in France who returns to Tunis to bury his son, who has died in a motorcycle accident. He finds out that young Marouane was active in a radical Islamist group. Brahim carries out his own investigation to discover why Marouane was radicalised and who indoctrinated him.

Film details

Genre : Narrative Feature film
Duration : 102 minutes
Year of production : 2018
Country : Tunisia
Casting : Ahmed Hafiane - Ghalia Benali
Screenwriter : Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud
Cinematography : Mohamed Maghraoui
Editor : Virginie Messiaen
Director : Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud
Production company : Arts Distribution - Habib Bel Hedi - Les films du fleuve - Jean-Pierre et Luc Dardenne
Email : artdistributions@gmail.com - info@lesfilmsdufleuve.be

Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud has made Traversées (1982, 11 awards from FR3 and RAI, Venice Mostra), Chich-Khan (1992, co-directed with Fadhel Jaibi, 8 awards, at the Cannes Quinzaine des Réalisateurs), Les Siestes Grenadine (1999, 9 awards), The Professor (2012, 10 awards), and Fatwa (2018).