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Parallel sections world cinema - JCC 2017
JCC 2017 du 4 au 11 novembre 2017



Pablo Munoz Gomez - Wallonie-Bruxelles - Belgique


Newly arrived migrants have to follow a mandatory integration course in Flanders. To obtain their certificate, they have to learn the habits and customs from Flanders and Belgium. With humor and tenderness, the film follows these characters throughout their journey.

Technical details

Genre: Feature documentary
Duration: 59 minutes
Country: Wallonie-Bruxelles - Belgique
Script: Pablo Munoz Gomez
DOP: Erika Meda
Editing: Matthieu Jamet
Director: Pablo Munoz Gomez
Production company: Simple Production
Email: -

After his filmmaking studies, Pablo met success with his film « Welkom ». Dealing with humour about language related problems in Belgium, he got selected to more than a hundred festivals over the world. In 2016, Pablo comes back with « Integration Inch'Allah », his first documentary.