Abbas Fahdel - Iraq


Yara lives alone with her grandmother in an isolated valley, most of whose inhabitants are dead or have emigrated. One day, she meets a young stranger.

Film details

Genre : Narrative Feature film
Duration : 101 minutes
Year of production : 2018
Country : Iraq
Casting : Michelle Wehbe - Elias Freifer - Mary Alkady
Screenwriter : Abbas Fahdel
Cinematography : Abbas Fahdel
Editor : Abbas Fahdel
Director : Abbas Fahdel
Production company : Stalker Production
Email : abbas-fahdel@wanadoo.fr

Abbas Fahdel is a French-Iraqi director, screenwriter and film critic. He studied cinema at the Sorbonne. In 2002, he directed Back to Babylon, and in 2008 Dawn of the World, a war drama that gives an account of the impacts of the Gulf Wars. In 2015 his Homeland (Iraq Year Zero) was given an award at the Nyon International Film Festival’s Visions du réel.