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Sebastian Sanchez Amunategui - Mexique - Argentine


An intimate story of a small family. Mariana, the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Di Mateo, returns, after several years of living in Mexico, to her hometown Mendoza, to see her father on his deathbed. But the real purpose of her return is to say things that were unsaid, buried under the silence of an ideal family moulded by her mother.

Technical details

Genre: Feature film
Duration: 91 minutes
Production year: 2015
Country: Mexique - Argentine
Casting: Flavia Atencio - Ana Maria Picchio - Sandra Burgos Juan Gil Navarro - Catalina Saavedra - Mario Bertone
Script: Flavia Atencio
DOP: Juan Carlos Lazo
Editing: Roberto Bolado
Director: Sebastian Sanchez Amunategui
Production company: Selva Film - Flavia Atencio
Email: flaviatencio@hotmail.com - flaviatencio17@gmail.com

Sebastian Sanchez Amunategui is a theater and cinema producer for more than a decade. « What we never said » is his first feature as a director.