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La Citadelle (1989)

Mohammed Chouikh - Algeria


In a village in the south of Oran, Sidi, a clothes seller is polygamous. His adopted son, Kaddour, a naive dreamer, is madly in love with the shoemaker’s wife. In order to win the beautiful woman’s heart, he performs a ritual recommended by a marabout.

Technical details

Genre: Feature film
Duration: 95 minutes
Production year: 1989
Country: Algeria
Casting: Djillali Aïn-Tedeles - Khaled Barkat Fatima Belhadj - Aïssa Momo Nawal Zaatar - Boumedienne Sirat
Script: Mohammed Chouikh
DOP: Allel Yahiaoui
Editing: Yamina Bachir-Chouikh
Director: Mohammed Chouikh

Mohammed Chouikh started as an actor at the Algerian National Theater and in several films : «L'Aube des damnés», «Le Vent des Aurès» et «Les Hors-la-loi». He wrote and produced television feature films: «L'Embouchure» (1972) and «Les Paumés» (1974). He moved to the cinema with «The Citadel» in 1988.