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The vacation of Inspector Tahar (1973)

Moussa Haddad - Algeria


Inspector Tahar and his assistant are invited by Ommi Traki, a popular Tunisian sitcom heroine, to spend their holidays in Tunis. Before leaving Algiers, they stop at a touristic compound where a murder has just been committed. The investigation, full of surprises and twists, will take them to Tunis where they will find Ommi Traki and her family.

Technical details

Genre: Feature film
Duration: 110 minutes
Production year: 1973
Country: Algeria
Casting: Hadj Abderrahmane Yahia Benmabrouk
Script: Hadj Abderrahmane
DOP: Rachid Merabtine
Editing: Rachid Benallal
Director: Moussa Haddad

Moussa Haddad started his career as assistant director in the film «La Bataille d’Alger» (1966). He co-directed, with Enzo Petri, «Trois pistolets contre César» (1967). He also directed numerous films, including «El Fidaiyioune» and «The Vacation of Inspector Tahar».