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Focus on Argentina - JCC 2017
JCC 2017 du 4 au 11 novembre 2017



Pablo César - Argentina - Namibia


Hermes is an Argentinean anthropologist living with the members of a damara village in Namibia. Looking for information on the knowledge that has been transmitted orally for thousands years from shaman to shaman, Hermes believes he can find the mystery related to the sound power.

Technical details

Genre: Feature film
Duration: 100 minutes
Country: Argentina - Namibia
Casting: Pablo Padilla - Gift Uzera Whilzahn Gelderbloem Patricio Bedoya - Amin Yoma
Script: Pablo César
DOP: Carlos Ferro
Editing: Liliana Nadal
Director: Pablo César
Production company: PABLO CÉSAR

Pablo César is an Argentinian filmmaker and producer. He started making cinema when he was 13 years old. In 1987 he directed his first feature film and up to the moment he directed 12 long feature films. César has developped co-productions between his home country and multiple African coutries as well as with India.