Mohcine Besri - Morocco


Laaziza, seven months pregnant, is repudiated by her husband. When her son reaches school age, his father wants to take him back. Against all expectations, Laaziza decides to deliver her son to the door that had shut behind her.

Film details

Genre : Narrative Feature film
Duration : 74 minutes
Year of production : 2018
Country : Morocco
Casting : Fatima Zahra Benacer - Sif Eddine Birkwat
Screenwriter : Mohcine Besri
Cinematography : Denis Jutzeler
Editor : NaimaBachiri
Director : Mohcine Besri
Production company : Asma Graimich - Mohcine besri
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Mohcine Besri, born in Meknès, is a Moroccan actor and director. He made two short films, co-wrote Operation Casablanca, a feature film directed by Laurent Nègre, and then directed his first feature film The Unbelievers. In 2018 he wrote and directed Laaziza, a feature fiction.