JCC 2017 du 4 au 11 novembre 2017



Al Mouhannad Kalthoum - Syria


The film presents a stage that the Syrian youth generations are going through as a result of the war, its conditions and the negative effects it has on them. It is a story about the youth living in virtual reality using social media, namely, “Facebook”, since this youth failed to establish their true reality.

Technical details

Genre: Short films
Duration: 26 minutes
Production year: 2017
Country: Syria
Casting: Samer M. Esmael
Script: Wassim Kazkaz, Lara Bdiri - Lina Hawarneh
DOP: Basil Sarawlji
Editing: Noor Eddin Kurdi
Director: Al Mouhannad Kalthoum
Production company: National Film Organization
Email: adania252@gmail.com

Al Mouhannad Kalthoum is a Syrian filmmaker graduated from the University of Kharkov in Ukraine. He teaches at the University of Damascus and founded «The cinematic adventure», a project for youth passionate about cinema and filmmaking.