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Official competiton feature documentaries - JCC 2017
JCC 2017 du 4 au 11 novembre 2017



Mary Jirmanus Saba - Lebanon


«A Feeling Greater Than Love» explores the links between revolution and cinema and focuses on the workers’ struggles that might have led to a revolution in 1972/73 in Beirut if they had not been suffocated by ideological battles over the course of the civil war.

Technical details

Genre: Feature documentary
Duration: 93 minutes
Production year: 2017
Country: Lebanon
Script: Mary Jirmanus Saba
DOP: Karam Ghoussein - Mary Jirmanus Saba - Ziad Shahoud
Editing: Louly Seif
Director: Mary Jirmanus Saba
Production company: Tricontinental Media 

Mary Jirmanus Saba’s work explores labor movement in the Arab world and new transformative possibilities. Her feature documentary «A Feeling Greater Than Love» won the FIPRESCI Critics Prize at the 2017 Berlinale Forum.