Look at me

Nejib Belkadhi - Tunisia


Lotfi, a Tunisian living in France, has to return to Tunisia to take care of his autistic child.

Film details

Genre : Narrative Feature film
Duration : 98 minutes
Year of production : 2018
Country : Tunisia
Casting : Nidhal Saadi - Sawssen Maalej
Screenwriter : Nejib Belkadhi
Cinematography : Hazem Berrabah
Editor : Malek Chatta / Ghalya Lacroix
Director : Nejib Belkadhi
Production company : Propaganda Production - Imed Marzouk / Mille et une productions - Fares Ladjimi
Email : imedmarz@gmail.com

Nejib Belkadhi first studied commerce and marketing and then started a career in films and theatre. In 2002 he founded Propaganda Productions with his producer Imed Marzouk. He has made the short film Tssawer, the documentaries VHS Kahloucha and Seven and a Half, and the fiction film Bastardo.