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Parallel sections views of Tunisian cinema - JCC 2017
JCC 2017 du 4 au 11 novembre 2017



AbdelHamid Bouchnak - Tunisia


“Jadis kerkouane” is a historical and poetic docu-fiction which let us dive through the eyes of the characters who lived in this city, in the daily Kerkouane .

Technical details

Genre: Feature documentary
Duration: 60 minutes
Production year: 2016
Country: Tunisia
Script: Khaled Chaouch
DOP: Samy Snoussi - Samy Frikha Wafa Mimouni - Abdelhamid Bouchnak
Editing: Hamza Ksontini
Director: AbdelHamid Bouchnak
Production company: Mandarine Production

Abdelhamid Bouchnak is a director, scriptwriter, TV producer, actor in cinema and theater. In 2016 he directed and produced a poetic historical documentary "Jadis Kerkouane" and then in 2017 he wrote and produced his third short film "The Candy".