JCC 2022



HNIN El Houssine - Maroc


A married high school student is 10 weeks pregnant, she must choose between continuing her studies or keeping the baby.

Film details

Type : short documentaries
Duration : 12 min
Year of production : 2023
Country : Maroc
Screenwriter : HNIN El Houssine
Cinematography : HNIN El Houssine
Editor : Ayoub Mahjoub
Director : HNIN El Houssine

HNIN El Houssine

El Houssine Hnine, born in 1992 in Taza, is a young director and scriptwriter, he had his baccalaureate and a technical certificate specializing in audiovisual, he also got a professional degree in journalism and a master's degree in film production.