JCC 2022

The River Is Not a Border

The River Is Not a Border

Alassane Diago - Sénégal


Forty protagonists, witnesses and victims look back at the 1989 massacres on both sides of the Senegal River, the border between Mauritania and Senegal, in order to understand what really happened, and try to take a step towards reconciliation together

Film details

Type : Narrative Feature Films
Duration : 105 min
Year of production : 2022
Country : Sénégal
Cinematography : Michel K.Zongo; Alassane Diago; Amath Niane; Oumar Ba; Fabacary Coly
Editor : Cathérine Gouze; Alassane Diago
Director : Alassane Diago

Alassane Diago

Alassane DIAGO was born on March 31, 1985, in Agnam Lidoubé. Driven by a passion for writing, his dream was to become a filmmaker. He participated in the filming of several movies, including "Lili et le baobab" in 2004, and underwent audiovisual training at the Dakar Media Center in 2007 to become a versatile audiovisual technician. His first feature-length documentary as an author-director, "Les Larmes de l'émigration" (2010), won the Best Documentary Award and the Casa Africa Award at the Tarifa African Film Festival (Spain), as well as the Best Documentary Award at the International Francophone Film Festival of Namur (Belgium). "Rencontrer mon père" (2018) is his second feature-length documentary.