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Abdou Khadir Ndiaye - Sénégal


A young boy from an affluent family has the experience of a lifetime after his first day of school. When his father does not come to pick him up, he simply walks off. He gets lost and wanders without direction through the noise and chaos of a poverty-stricken metropolis. Unexpectedly, the boy receives help from an old scrap metal collector and a gang of street children. A striking portrait of Dakar, with elements of a fairytale.

Film details

Duration : 19 min
Year of production : 2017
Country : Sénégal
Casting : Ibrahima Ba, Mentor Ba, Xavier Caly
Screenwriter : Abdou Khadir Ndiaye
Cinematography : Amath Niane
Editor : Makha Bao Fall, Virgile Guihard, Héloïse Pelloquet
Director : Abdou Khadir Ndiaye

Abdou Khadir Ndiaye

Abdou Khadir Ndiaye is a Senegalese filmmaker. In 2008, he joined Cine-Banlieue, a film club founded by Abdou Aziz Boye. After working with the company Cinecap and gaining experience as the 1st and 2nd assistant on Alain Gomis' feature films "Tey" and "Félicité," Abdou Khadir Ndiaye directed his first short film in 2015, titled "Xalé bu rerr" (A Lost Child).