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Camp de Thiaroye

Camp de Thiaroye

Ousmane Sembène - Sénégal


In Senegal in 1944, a battalion of riflemen arrives at the Thiaroye transit camp before their demobilization. They have returned from Europe, where they fought against the Germans to liberate the metropolis. Their pride as veterans soon turns to disillusionment due to unfulfilled promises and the racism of the military hierarchy.

Film details

Type : Narrative Feature Films
Duration : 157 min
Year of production : 1988
Country : Sénégal
Casting : Sidiki Bakaba, Hamed Camara ; Ismaila Cissé, Ababacar Sy Cissé , Moussa Cissoko
Screenwriter : Ousmane Sembène, Thiemo Faty Sow
Cinematography : Smail Lakdhar-Hamina
Editor : Kahena Attia
Director : Ousmane Sembène

Ousmane Sembène

Ousmane Sembene is a prominent writer, director, actor, and screenwriter in contemporary Africa, known for his strong advocacy on political and social issues. His debut short film, "Borom Sarret," was followed by his first feature film, "La Noire de..." in 1966, which marked the first-ever feature film produced and directed in Black Africa. This film received the prestigious Jean Vigo Prize.