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Et la neige n'était plus

Et la neige n'était plus

Ababacar Samb Makharam - Sénégal


A young Senegalese scholarship recipient returns from France. What has he learned? What has he forgotten? What path will he choose in the face of new African realities? The challenges confronting African youth are candidly, courageously, and humorously explored.

Film details

Type : Short Narrative Film
Duration : 22 min
Year of production : 1965
Country : Sénégal
Casting : Merry Sane, Ndeye Diarra, Thomas Coulibaly, Fatoumata Sankon, Modou Sene
Screenwriter : Jacques Janvier, Ababacar Samb Makharam
Cinematography : Georges Caristan
Editor : André Gaudier
Director : Ababacar Samb Makharam

Ababacar Samb Makharam

The Senegalese filmmaker Ababacar Samb Makharam is one of the iconic figures in African cinema. He passed away at the age of 53, leaving behind films such as "Et la neige n'était plus" (1965), "Kodou" (1971), and "Jom" (1981), which exemplify the uniqueness of a director's work through imagery. His films, both aesthetically and thematically, championed the independence of African cinemas. As the first Secretary-General of the Pan African Federation of Filmmakers (FEPACI), he played a crucial role in the establishment of the Pan-African Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO) in 1969.