Jilani Saadi - Tunisia


A night of insurrection in Tunis The capital Tunis and its peripheries have gone mad. Nothing ‎works anymore and the streets have become a field of battle between the police and the ‎protesters.‎

Film details

Type : Fiction
Duration : 105 min
Year of production : 2021
Country : Tunisia
Director : Jilani Saadi

Jilani Saadi

Director, screenwriter, editor, actor and producer. Khorma (2002) is his first feature film, ‎followed by Tender Is the Wolf (2006) which won the Carthage Film Festival 2006 Jury Prize. ‎In 2012, he began his trilogy with a short film Bidoun 1, followed by Bidoun 2 ( 2014) and ‎Bidoun 3 (2018). Insurrection is his fifth feature film.‎