JCC 2022



Azedine Kasri - Algérie


Meriem and Reda are two young Algerian lovers. They don’t have the right to kiss each other publicly, and there’s nowhere for them to find privacy. A simple kiss becomes a real obstacle course. The lingering question is: are they going to make it?

Film details

Type : Short Narrative Film
Duration : 19 min
Year of production : 2023
Country : Algérie
Screenwriter : Azedine KASRI, Simon SERNA, Médéric DE WATTEVILLE
Cinematography : François RAY
Editor : Camille Reysseyt
Director : Azedine Kasri

Azedine Kasri

Azedine Kasri is a French and Algerian filmmaker. He started his career as an actor and played in several feature films. In 2018, he enrolled in La Fémis school, where he directed TERRITORIES, his second short film. In 2023, he directed the short film, 'BOUSSA' (The Kiss). He is currently developing his first feature film.