JCC 2022



Andry Ranarisoa - Madagascar


On the eve of his departure, a soldier learns from the old man who shelters him, the strange story of a woman dancing on a hill every night. Unfortunately for him, he is a stranger in this village far from Antananarivo, and that’s the reason why he can not see this woman practicing this ritual.

Film details

Type : Short Narrative Film
Duration : 28 min
Year of production : 2023
Country : Madagascar
Screenwriter : Andry Ranarisoa
Cinematography : DERIS Kevin
Director : Andry Ranarisoa

Andry Ranarisoa

Andry RANARISOA is a Malagasy writer-director who has undergone various training sessions, workshops, and film residencies. In 2022, he directed his second short film, "IMANITRALA,". Currently, he is finalizing the script for his first feature film, "VIDOR."