Habib Mestiri - Tunisia


The cult film of the father of African cinema Ousmane Sembène, “La Noire De”, is at the heart of the story. An actress and choreographer, assisted by a film director, tries to put on a show by re-examining the film, and immersing herself in the creative process of the story. The actress discovers an unpublished document that will lead our two young artists to experiments and visual questions.

Film details

Duration : 16 min
Year of production : 2020
Country : Tunisia
Director : Habib Mestiri

Habib Mestiri

Habib Mestiri is Tunisian filmmaker whose beginnings date back to 1977 within the framework of amateur cinema where he directed ten short films while preparing a film director’s diploma. In 1994, he was selected to be part of the founding team of the first Arab Cinema channel in Italy After a long experience in television marked by several awards. He reconnects with Tunisian cinema by starting a series of films where art and history are ever-present.