JCC 2022



Ibrahim Nash'at - Egypt


The day after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Taliban occupy “Hollywood Gate'', a CIA base where troves of weapons have been abandoned. Over one year, HOLLYWOODGATE shows the transformation of extremist militia into a military regime, examining what is power and propaganda - and where the two meet

Film details

Type : Feature documentaries
Duration : 94 min
Year of production : 2023
Country : Egypt
Screenwriter : Ibrahim Nash'at/Talal Derki/Shane Boris
Cinematography : Ibrahim Nash'at
Editor : Atanas Georgiev/Marion Tuor
Director : Ibrahim Nash'at
Production company : Jouzour Films UG / RaeFilm Studios

Ibrahim Nash'at

Ibrahim Nash'at is an Egyptian documentary filmmaker based in Berlin, Germany. Holding a master's degree in documentary filmmaking, he has directed numerous short films that have been selected for various festivals worldwide. His debut feature film, "Hollywoodgate," had its premiere at the 2023 Venice Film Festival.