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Anxious in Beirut

Anxious in Beirut

Zakaria Jaber - Liban


“Anxious in Beirut” is a personal diary that documents the events of the last two years in Lebanon (revolution, post-war, explosions, demonstrations…). Living with constant anxiety, Zakaria, the film’s young director, narrates his own life, while trying, on numerous occasions, to leave his country.

Film details

Type : Feature documentaries
Duration : 93 min
Year of production : 2023
Country : Liban
Screenwriter : Zakaria Jaber
Cinematography : Zakaria Jaber
Editor : Zakaria Jaber
Director : Zakaria Jaber

Zakaria Jaber

Zakaria Jaber (1994) is a film director, editor and writer. He is self-taught with multiple layers of experiences in the fields of journalism, filmmaking and video editing. In 2018 he managed to produce and direct his first short film independently after years of work in TV production.