JCC 2022



Ines Ben Othman - Tunisie


Numerous songs have emerged within the stadium stands, surpassing the usual anthems and chants that supporters used to create. Listening to them, one immediately realizes that behind the lyrics and sometimes rebellious discourse against the established order, they denounce social injustice and advocate for dignity and freedom.

Film details

Type : Feature documentaries
Duration : 70 min
Year of production : 2023
Country : Tunisie
Screenwriter : Ines Ben Othman
Cinematography : Anis Karkeni
Editor : Rawchen Mizouri
Director : Ines Ben Othman
Production company : Ulysson

Ines Ben Othman

Ines Ben Othman was born in 1982 in Tunis. She studied scenography in Tunisia: first at the School of Arts and Crafts in Tunis, then at the School of Audiovisual and Cinema (ESAC) in Gammarth. As a director, she has several short fiction and documentary films, as well as two feature length documentary films.