JCC 2022

A dog , A stone

A dog , A stone

Asma Laajimi - Tunisia


Mariem, is trying to reach out to her crush but also pimp Dali, to give her the double mattress he promised to give so she can start furnishing her empty room. She goes through daily life encounters, but she does not deal with them normally. Everything around her seems to be a physical projection of her own disturbed psychology.

Film details

Duration : 13 min
Year of production : 2022
Country : Tunisia
Casting : Issam Absi, Lina Jardak
Screenwriter : Asma Laajimi
Cinematography : Bjarne Jacobs
Editor : Jasmine Issa
Director : Asma Laajimi

Asma Laajimi

Born in 1999, Asma Laajimi is a Tunisian filmmaker based in Brussels. Her work is deeply rooted in her own experience, exploring and blurring the boundaries between the real and the fictional, the personal and the collective, the emotional and the political.