JCC 2022

Just 24 Hours

Just 24 Hours

Mbakop Max - Cameroun


Bruno, a 46-year-old blind man, vows on his birthday to see for just 24 hours. Time enough for him to contemplate life, colors, including his wife. His wish comes true, except that what he discovers leaves him on his last legs.

Film details

Duration : 6 min
Year of production : 2022
Country : Cameroun
Casting : Michelle Lobe - Mofodam Joelle
Screenwriter : Max Mbakop
Cinematography : Jean Marc Anda
Editor : Cedric Notué
Director : Mbakop Max

Mbakop Max

Born in Cameroon, Max Mbakop was introduced to the world of images at an early age through photography. In 2013, he met the late Goddy Laye, who guided him towards video, and then continued in cinema with Vincent Ndoumbe and many other directors.