JCC 2022



Basma Rkioui - Morocco


A journey through time inspired by Proust's “Madeleine", Louka is a poetic documentary that feels like a kind of reminiscence provoked by the director's return to a place, where she treats her memories in an affective and personal way.

Film details

Duration : 23 min
Year of production : 2023
Country : Morocco
Screenwriter : Basma Rkioui
Cinematography : Basma Rkioui
Editor : Shayma Jahad
Director : Basma Rkioui

Basma Rkioui

As a graduate of ESAV Marrakech in film, Basma Rkioui holds a double diploma in documentary filmmaking from Filmakademie, Ludwigsburg. She's also a former skiing champion of Morocco and channels her passion for the mountains into her cinematic pursuits while actively engaging with the history of cinema in Morocco.