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Zayneb Bouzid - Tunisia


Three siblings learn that the land they inherited from their father may be sold. Latifa, the eldest, and Slim, the youngest, don't really believe it, while Nadia, the youngest, thinks that things will indeed come to a conclusion. Her hope eventually infects the siblings, leading them on an evening of dreaming about a better life...

Film details

Duration : 16 min
Year of production : 2023
Country : Tunisia
Screenwriter : Zayneb Bouzid
Cinematography : Lili Cazals
Editor : Antoine sudre
Director : Zayneb Bouzid

Zayneb Bouzid

Originally from Tunisia, Zayneb Bouzid came to France at the age of eighteen to pursue a literary degree at the University of Nanterre. Concurrently, she began her journey into filmmaking and writing. In 2020, she joined CinéFabrique in the screenwriting department.