JCC 2022



Chayma Landoulsi - Tunisia


A nine year-old girl witnesses a purse snatching in a train station. Guided by her intuition, she embarks on an adventure of pursuing the snatcher towards the unknown. The adventure leads the little girl to an unpleasant surprise and opens her eyes on a shocking truth.

Film details

Duration : 13 min
Year of production : 2023
Country : Tunisia
Screenwriter : Chayma Landoulsi
Cinematography : Nadia Halouani
Editor : Jihane Anane
Director : Chayma Landoulsi

Chayma Landoulsi

Landoulsi Chayma is Graduated in screenplay writing and directing from ESAC. She participated in the 33rd edition of the Carthage Film Festival through her first short documentary "Omar Abada; the Thief of Fire" under the section "Horizons of Tunisian Cinema".