JCC 2022



Estelle Kone - Côte d'ivoire


Armel, Ahmed, Antoine, Ezéchiel, Rougeo and Issa work as motorbike taxis at Ahougnansou station. In Bouaké, this activity is much criticized and marginalized. Contrary to these clichés, these young people show an organized group, united and very determined to make their dream come true.

Film details

Type : short documentaries
Duration : 30 min
Year of production : 2022
Country : Côte d'ivoire
Editor : Frank Messe
Director : Estelle Kone

Estelle Kone

Estelle KONE is an Ivorian director with a master's degree in cinema. She has four films to her credit, the latest of which, made in 2023, is entitled Pacte de sang (Blood Pact). Estelle also works as an assistant director on the sets of TV series and dramas.