JCC 2022



Anis Tounsi - Tunisie


This film is a journey into the heart of a secret garden. The author attempts to draw the portrait of a small creature, thus revealing intimate and unique moments in the life of that creature.

Film details

Type : short documentaries
Duration : 9 min
Year of production : 2023
Country : Tunisie
Screenwriter : Anis Tounsi
Cinematography : Anis Tounsi
Editor : Anis Tounsi
Director : Anis Tounsi

Anis Tounsi

Born in Hammam-lif, Anis Tounsi joined the Tunisian Federation of Amateur Filmmakers in 1990. He has been awarded several photography prizes. He directed two short films « Naranj » and « Avenue des Histoires Amputées » . DOP in Tunisian documentary films.