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Bassel Ghandour - Jordanie


In a gossip-ridden, violent neighborhood in East Amman, a young hustler will stop at nothing to be with his secret lover, but her merciless mother won’t have it. When an extortionist catches the couple in the act, the mother solicits a gangster to put a stop to it all... things don’t go as planned.

Film details

Type : Narrative Feature Films
Duration : 116 min
Year of production : 2012
Country : Jordanie
Casting : Emad Azmi, Baraka Rahmani , Munther Rayahnah , Nadira Omra, Maisa Abd Elhadi
Screenwriter : Bassel Ghandour
Cinematography : Justin Hamilton
Editor : Eyad Hamam
Director : Bassel Ghandour

Bassel Ghandour

A writer, producer and director. He co-wrote and produced “Theeb”, the 2016 nominee for Best Foreign Language Film at both the Academy Awards and the BAFTAs. He graduated from the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. His screenplay for “The Alleys” was selected for the Rawi, EAVE workshops and Sorfond Pitching Forum. The film marks Bassel’s directorial debut