JCC 2022



Dina Naser - Jordan


The film portrays the lives of children living in the refugee camp 'Al Zaatari' through the story of Marwa. At the age of 9, she suddenly finds herself with her family in this 'temporary' camp while waiting for the Syrian war to end. She stays there until the age of 14 before returning to Syria.

Film details

Duration : 85 min
Year of production : 2019
Country : Jordan
Screenwriter : Dina Naser
Cinematography : Hasan Abu Hammad / Dina Naser
Editor : Najwa Khachimi / Qutiba Barhamje
Director : Dina Naser
Production company : Jordan Pioneers, Urban Factory

Dina Naser

With a BA in Art and Graphic Design, Dina Naser pursued a documentary filmmaking program as part of the Docnomads program, which included mobility stints in Lisbon, Budapest, and Brussels. She has been involved in various television and film productions before venturing into independent filmmaking and production.