JCC 2022



Saleh Khataybeh - Jordanie


The power of destiny brings together two strangers from totally different worlds : a car and a donkey in the middle of the Jordanian desert. A trivial misunderstanding escalates into a life-or-death situation during their journey, where they struggle to stay human.

Film details

Type : Narrative Feature Films
Duration : 29 min
Year of production : 2020
Country : Jordanie
Casting : Is'haq Elias -Hasan Alhwetat
Screenwriter : Saleh Khataybeh
Cinematography : Ahmad Saif
Editor : Adam Abu Snainh
Director : Saleh Khataybeh
Production company : Jwan Media Production and Distribution

Saleh Khataybeh

A Jordanian filmmaker with a BA in Mechatronics Engineering. After deciding on a career shift, Saleh Khataybeh started attending film workshops with the Royal Film Commission of Jordan. After a series of workshops, Saleh was able to gain respectable knowledge from renowned local and international industry professionals in digital filmmaking, editing, scriptwriting, directing, acting, lighting, sound recording, documentary filmmaking, producing, and cinematography.