JCC 2022

Parallel sections

Parallel sections


Palestine: an unprecedented selection of historical and current productions either shot by Palestinian filmmakers or shot in Palestine followed by debates and accompanied by photographic exhibitions.

Spain: an unprecedented selection of films made by Spanish women filmmakers, fiction and documentaries, to rehabilitate pioneers and discover emerging filmmakers.


The world according to Federico Fellini : a selection of 8 films including 4 emblematic of Fellini's cinema and 4 films made about his work. Classics and originals, an exhibition and master classes to shed light on and celebrate modernity, the uniqueness of one of the most illustrious Mediterranean filmmakers and his immense influence on contemporary cinema.

Different Perspectives of women filmmakers from the South and the North around immigration: 8 women filmmakers from the North and South of the Mediterranean present their films on the issue of exile, immigration and refugees. Debates and panels will accompany these various screenings.

Production of Short Films from the adaptation of a short story edited by a Tunisian writer
The experience started during the previous session and the enthusiastic reception it met encouraged us to renew the axis of literary adaptation as a source of inspiration for new scenarios. A call was launched jointly by the JCC and the CNCI for the production of four short films from the adaptation of News drawn from the Tunisian literary heritage.
These films will be programmed either for the opening night, or in favor of an evening Gala.