Since 2014, Takmil (’‘Finishing’’, in Arabic) Workshop has enabled African and Arab film-makers to show their films in the phase of post-production to an international jury made up of cinema industry professionals.

Takmil is organised within the framework of CARTHAGE PRO, which accompanies African and Arab film-makers from the development phase to the finishing phase looking forward to have them in the Ocial Competition. Hence the selection of the working copy of Haifa Street by the Iraqi Mohanad Hayal, who attended the Chabaka/producer’s network, in 2017 Besides, You come from far away by Amal Ramsis (Takmil 2016), Laaziza by Mohcine Besri (Takmil2017) and The Mercy of the Jungle by Joel Karekezi, winner of the OIF Grant (Takmil 2017), are in the Ocial Competition of this edition. For Takmil 5th edition, we received about 60 works in progress from 14 African and Arab countries. We selected 11 from Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Rwanda, Syria and Tunisia. From 5 to 7 November, after the screening of the selected rough cuts, each director, and his/her producer, will defend his/her film during a discussion with the members of the jury. The 7 November evening, the jury will award grants for post-production to the most promising films. We are delighted to announce three new prizes: a cash grant oered by the International Migration Organisation (IMO), post-production work by LaserFilm, and a post production, sales or marketing grant by Eye On Films. These grants join those already oered by Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), International Media Support (IMS), Centre National du Cinéma et de I’Image (CNCI) and HAKKA Distribution. Good luck to our film-makers and long live cinema!



Dina Farouk
Michael Hack
Nadim Cheikhrouha
Rasha Salti
Selina Ukwuoma