The 25th edition of Carthage Film Festival will take place from 29 November to 6 December 2014

Around the festival : Film library

moderated by Farid Boughdir - 30th November 2014 at 11 am - Africa Hotel

In a digital world, the memory of a country is that of its audio-visual archives, the necessity of safeguarding our patrimony is a crucial issue.

It is our duty to perpetuate the testimonies of the creativity and culture of our continent so often unrecognised.

Tunisia hosted the Frères Lumière and their cinematograph as early as 1896 and a few years later, Albert Samama Chikly shot his first documentaries and his two feature films here. Many other great names passed by. Of all this creativity, nothing much is left. The archives of the colonial era were all transferred to France.

Since the beginning of the 60s, many Tunisian feature films have been made and since the technological revolution of the years 2000, we are witnessing an abundance of documentaries and short films. All this production has to be listed and archived and there is nothing more appropriate than a film library.

Let us stop dithering about its possible existence and let us unite our efforts to make it a reality as soon as possible.

Annie Djamal

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