The 25th edition of Carthage Film Festival will take place from 29 November to 6 December 2014

Official competition documentaries


Documentary - 104 minutes

Awards and prizes: Sélection Festival International du Cinéma Méditérranéen de Montpellier 2014, Sélection Festival Visions du réel dans la catégorie « Etat d’esprit » 2014

Director: Tarek Sami, Lucie Dèche, Karim Loualiche

Screenplay: Tarek Sami, Lucie Dèche, Karim Loualiche

Cinematography: Tarek Sami

Music: Menad Moussaoui

Editor: Guillaume Bordier, Tarek Sami

Sound: Lucie Dèche

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Cast: Karim Loualiche


This is the travel of Karim who did not return to Algeria for ten years. A trip dictated by the fear of oblivion.

Director's biography

Tarek Sami trained as a director of photography. He directed


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