The 25th edition of Carthage Film Festival will take place from 29 November to 6 December 2014



Six films to try to reflect the dynamic of margins in the cinema of the region. Marginality is understood in this context as an assumed aesthetic posture and political positioning in the field of cinema.

Fragile by their economy, singular through their devices, free in form, the films in this section are at the antipodes of the cinema mostly constrained by rigid conventions and that predominates in the area. These «essay» movies defy categorization by ignoring the boundaries between documentary and fiction and experimenting with innovative devices.

Resistance in cinema is a matter of form, furthermore in a geographic area where cinema is rather tame and confined within the narrow limits of naturalism.

Questioning the form doesn't inevitably mean falling into an empty formalism, indifferent to the humane. The films in this section are all proposals where work on the form is inseparable from a point of view of the world:

A caustic self-portrait as a pretext for an assessment of Algeria (Equivocal Chronicles), an introspective scanning of the issue of love (E-mute), a reflection on a double genetic and cinematographic filiation (A Thousand Suns), a totally offbeat investigation film scrutinizing with a mix of tenderness and ferocity the relation to History and Memory (Tarzan, Don Quixote and us), a fake documentary on suburban and erratic trajectories of bodies in a scenery (C'est dans la boite) and a minimal fiction deeply rooted in the reality of China today showing this country-continent in the light of the inevitable clash between tradition and modernity at a forced march.


167 -   CHRONIQUES EQUIVOQUES de Lamine Ammar Khodja - ALGERIA ( 2013 )

168 -   C’EST DANS LA BOITE de Djamil Beloucif - ALGERIA ( 2013 )

169 -   TARZAN, DON QUICHOTTE ET NOUS de Hassen Ferhani - ALGERIA ( 2013 )

170 -   NEW TERRITORIES de Fabianny Deschamps - FRANCE ( 2014 )

171 -   E-MUET de Corine Shawi - LIBANON ( 2013 )

172 -   MILLE SOLEILS de Mati Diop - SENEGAL ( 2014 )

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