The Symposium Literature and Cinema Viewpoints and intertextuality

Symposium dedicated to Abdelwahab Meddeb.

The text of Abdelwahab Meddeb "The icon and the letter" appeared on the numbers 287 and 288 of the Cahiers du Cinema, July and August 1977 is a founding text. The first to question the relation between picture to text , fiction film to novelistic film.
We draw on this text in tribute to this great intellectual, Tunisian poet and narrator of French culture.
Literature and Cinema, speech writing / filmic discourse, narrative fiction / fiction film.
We leave the clichés of simple research on the relation between cinema compared to novel adaptation. We go in search of intertextuality in the delightful and painful relationship both between the Gutenberg galaxy (text, letter) and the Galaxy Light (filmic and iconic).
This symposium organized in collaboration with the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanities of Manouba is part of an ambitious project The Carthage Film Festival in UNIVERSITY.

Direction and coordination Abdelkrim GABOUS (academic, researcher and critic)


  • Noureddine Sail: Philosopher, writer, screenwriter and producer (Morocco)
  • Ahmed Bedjaoui: Researcher, critic and expert (Algeria)
  • Michel Serceau: Academic and researcher (France)
  • Lyes Khoury: Writer and journalist (Lebanon)
  • François Jost: Academic and Research (France)
  • Mustafa Bayoumi: Researcher, writer and critic (Egypt)
  • Ibrahim El Aris: Writer and critic (Lebanon)
  • Adnan Madanat: Writer and critic (Jordan)
  • Abdelkrim Kadri: Critic, researcher (Algeria)
  • Baba Diop: Researcher, critic, journalist (Senegal)
  • Ahmed Gasmi: Academic, Researcher (Tunisia)
  • Siham Sidaoui: Academic, Researcher (Tunisia)
  • Mirvet Kammoun: Academic, Researcher (Tunisia)
  • Najet Tnanni: Academic, Researcher (Tunisia)
  • Analysis and writing workshop at the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Humanitiesof Manouba.
  • supervised by Sidaoui Siham Ahmed Gasmi, Chakali Saad, researcher, critic (France) and Nadia Meftah, journalist, critic and film & education specialist (France). Followed by the testimony of writers and directors.