In Roger Waters The Wall, Roger Waters, Co-founder and principal songwriter of Pink Floyd, combines an exceptional show with an intimate adventure. This show, at the cutting edge of technology, filmed in 4K in different stadiums around the world with Dolby Atmos sound, will give spectators a unique opportunity to experience the concert as the best seats would never allow! This monumental production raises the senses with pyrotechnical effects, marionette animations and a 360° sound system.

Technical details

Duration: 164 minutes
Nationality: United Kingdom
Production year: 2015
Director: Roger Waters et Sean Evans
Screenplay: Sean Evans
Director of Photography: Brett Turnbull
Editor: Andrew Marcus, Katie Mcquerrey
Sound:Ronald Bailey
Cast : Roger Waters, Snowy White, Dave Kilminster, G.E. Smith, Jon Carin, Harry Waters, Graham Broad

Roger Waters The wall (2015)

Roger Waters, born George Roger Waters on September 6, 1943 in Great Bookham (Surrey) is a British bass player, composer and songwriter. Well-known for being the founding member of Pink Floyd.