Conversing, dreaming, moving forward ...

These are the three words that sum up our ambitions for this 26th edition.
Three words that put sharing and innovation at the heart of our approach.
Specifically, it is to anchor the Carthage Film Festival in their Arab-African land while maintaining openness to the world cinematography, those who share our concern for independence and cultural expression.
The context in which this session is being held is particular, the challenge is huge but it is no less exciting.
This is to put the outline of what will be the festival in the future, to strengthen the 'fundamental', now that his annuality is acquired.
The success of this session will do the most dazzling celebration, in 2016, for the sixtieth anniversary of the festival founded by the late Taher Cheriaa and dreamed by Arab and African filmmakers.
The JCC, we are convinced, will get on the ideals defended by this man, which makes their specificity and their soul ...

Letaief Brahim
Directeur des JCC