Souhir Ben Amara (Tunisie)

Souhir Ben Amara is a young Tunisian theatre, film and television actress, who interpreted a variety of roles, working with major Tunisian directors such as Nouri Bouzid and Ridha Behi.

Souhir Ben Amara


Kahina Attia (Tunisie)

Kahina Attia, is the regular editor of major Tunisian African, Arab and even European filmmakers.

Kahina Attia


Khedija lemkacher : (Tunisie)

Khedija Lemkacher is a Tunisian director and producer. She produced among other things the film Bab el Falla by Moslah Kraïem.

Khedija Lemkecher


Hela Abdallah (Syrie)

Syrian filmmaker living in France, artistic collaborator and producer of many documentaries. Her films have been screenned in many festivals around the world.

Hela Abdallah


Tarak Ben Chaabane (Tunisie)

University teacher, and screenwriter, he collaborated on the writing of several Tunisian films, the latest was Ezziara (2015) by N. Saheb Ettabaa. He, too, was executive director of the Carthage Film Festival in 2010.

Tarak Ben Chaabane