The Takmil workshop, is an extension and evolution of the project workshop established in 1992, which, through the granting of development awards, provided during 10 consecutive sessions support to many African and Arab talents for writing their script.
Initiated at the 25th session of the JCC in 2014, Takmil, now in its second edition, aims to enable African and Arab filmmakers to submit their films in post-production phase to the expertise of an international jury.
From 25 to 27 November 2015, after viewing the selected working copies, each filmmaker will defend his film during a discussion with the members of the jury. The Jury will then award the finishing assistance grants to the most promising films.
The workshop will bring together filmmakers from South Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Niger, Syria and Tunisia. These countries offer creative and committed works, revealing the ongoing transformations in their societies.
These films explore themes common to these regions: emancipation struggles both personal and collective, complexity of cultural identities in contrast with exile and immigration...
This year, Takmil is marked by a broad participation of women filmmakers, a fact that may indicate a new trend or evolution in African and Arab filmmaking.
Seven grants are offered by the STAR, the National Centre for Cinema and Image (CNCI), the International organization of La Francophonie (IOF), the French National Centre for Cinematography (CNC), the Arab League Educational Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), SANAD, and the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC).
Good luck to the filmmakers, all the while waiting to see their films in their African and Arabic premiere at the next session of the JCC.

Call for Projects

Carthage Film Festival (21 Novembre - 28 Novembre 2015)

The second session of the Takmil workshop,initiated during the Carthage Film Festival in 2014, will be held from 25th to the 27th November during the 26th session of the Carthage Film Festival (21 November - 28 November, 2015).
Takmil aims to contribute to the completion of Arab and African films through post-production financial grants.

The online registration deadline is September 25th, 2015 : the internet link.