At the foot of Mount Chambi, a village, Garat Agueb. Forced to work to support their families or to help their parents, young girls and women prefer weaving Esparto grass rather than working in factories. In doing so, they hope to perpetuate a local craft they inherited from their ancestors.

Technical details

Duration: 30 minutes
Nationality: Tunisia
Production year: 2016
Director: Nawfel Saheb-Ettaba

The weavers of the châambi (2016)

Nawfel studied visual communication and film making at the University of Quebec. He worked as an assistant in several feature films in Canada, where he also shot seven short films. He has written several screenplays and in 1999 he made a documentary, Stambali (1999). In 2014 he directed a feature film «El Ziara» (Black Moon).