JCC 2017 du 4 au 11 novembre 2017


WHITE SUN (2016)

Deepak Rauniyar - Nepal


Anti-regime partisan Chandra confronts physical, social and political obstacles for his father’s funeral. His search for a solution takes him to neighboring mountain villages and encounters with the police and rebel guerrillas.

Technical details

Genre: Feature film
Duration: 89 minutes
Production year: 2016
Country: Nepal
Casting: Asha Magrati - Rabindra Singh Baniya - Sumi MAalla - Amrit Pariyar Dayahang Rai
Script: Deepak Raunyiar / David Barker
DOP: Mark O’fearghail
Editing: David Barker
Director: Deepak Rauniyar
Production company: Deepak Rauniyar
Email: stohme@movingturtle.net

Deepak Rauniyar’s «High way» (2012) premiered in Berlin International Film Festival. «White Sun» premiered at Venice International Film Festival (2016). The film won several awards at the Singapore Film Festival, in Palm Spring and Fribourg International Film Festival.