JCC 2017 du 4 au 11 novembre 2017


DEM DEM ! (2017)

Lopy Pape Bouname Marc Recchia Christophe Rolin - Senegal


Matar, a Senegalese fisherman, finds a Belgian passport on a beach in Dakar and decides to use it. He soon crosses paths with N’Zibou, half crazy half wise man who measures the clouds and questions the man about his search for identity.

Technical details

Genre: Short films
Duration: 27 minutes
Production year: 2017
Country: Senegal
Casting: Dial Thiam - Lea Kane
Script: Collectif Ciné Banlieue Dakar
DOP: Christophe Rolin
Editing: Marc Recchia
Director: Lopy Pape Bouname Marc Recchia Christophe Rolin
Production company: Mans Films Production
Email: chris.rolin85@gmail.com

The Senegalese director Pape Bouname Lopy and the directors Marc Recchia and Christophe Rolin (Luxemburg and Belgium) meet in Dakar on a collaborative writing project with the filmmakers of Cine Banlieue Dakar. «DEM DEM!» is the result of this collaboration.