JCC 2017 du 4 au 11 novembre 2017


AYA (2017)

Moufida Fedhila - Tunisia


In Tunis lives Aya, a smart little girl, with her Salafist parents. But one day a special event disrupts the life of this family.

Technical details

Genre: Short films
Duration: 23 minutes
Production year: 2017
Country: Tunisia
Casting: May Berhouma - Afef Ben Mahmoud Ghanem Zrelli - Bahri Rahali
Script: Moufida Fedhila
DOP: Frida Marzouk
Editing: Sofiene Ben Slimene
Director: Moufida Fedhila
Production company: Yol Film House
Email: yol.filmhouse@gmail.com

Moufida Fedhila is a filmmaker and a visual artist. Her film «Offside», has been selected in more than 30 festivals, and has received several awards. Moufida Fedhila is a member of the Francophone Academy of Cinema and is currently working on her feature film.