JCC 2017 du 4 au 11 novembre 2017


SWEAT RAIN  (2016)

Hakim Belabbes - Marocco


M’Barek struggles not to lose his land, the only thing that matters to him. Ida, his wife, and the cornerstone of the family, struggles to carry her husband’s burden in silence. Ayoub grazes his father’s sheeps and talks to the fairies while the grandfather incessantly calls out his dead wife’s name; Rahma. 

Technical details

Genre: Feature film
Duration: 126 minutes
Production year: 2016
Country: Marocco
Casting: Amine Ennaji  Fatima-Ezzahra Bennaceur 
Script: Hakim Belabbes
DOP: Amine Messadi
Editing: Hakim Belabbes 
Director: Hakim Belabbes
Production company: Ali'N
Email: zaoua@alinprod.com

Hakim Belabbes is a Moroccan independent filmmaker. Among his films are: «Weight of The Shadow» (2014) «Defining Love: A Failed Attempt» (2013) «Boiling Dreams» (2010) «Fragments» (2010) «These Hands» (2008) «Why O’ Sea?» (2006) «Threads» (2003) «A Nest in the Heat» (2001).